What if you could have a physician on every wrist?

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With Hexaware’s Carrot Cube, we are Redefining Population Health Management.

As a device agnostic population health and care collaboration platform, CarrotCube is the next gen care coordination solution. The clinical pathways addressed in CarrotCube workflow, ensure the continuum of care for chronic patients.

The healthcare data analytics, patient outreach tools, a dedicated care team managing health records and support to value-based care models empower not just healthcare providers, but also patients to manage their own health better

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CarrotCube Features


Manage Care

Seamless Healthcare Ecosystem

As a population health and patient engagement platform, CarrotCube introduces insights driven care management in healthcare. CarrotCube works on virtually every device, creating a seamless healthcare ecosystem, where patient, healthcare providers and hospitals are connected 24x7, in real time

Captures and analyses clinical and personal data.

Creates holistic views of patient's health records.

Makes it easier for healthcare providers to monitor patients' health trends, analyze patterns more accurately and minimize emergencies.

Patient Registry

360° Holistic Views of Patient Records

Health management apps on CarrotCube go beyond capturing clinical and financial data.

It captures clinical content and combines tangible and intangible data from across the care lifecycle

Provide holistic patient profiles to health care providers.


Engage Patients

Build Meaningful Patient Experiences

Designed for patient digital engagement, the clinical pathways on CarrotCube lead to an automated outreach solution. A dedicated care team managing health records, proactive interventions, telephonic and secure messaging, patient education and emergency services add to this.

Digitally engages patients and their families.

Creates an ecosystem that supports healthy living.

Manage Program

Build Meaningful Patient Experiences

Did you know it takes hospitals an average of 3-5 yrs. to implement a Population Health Management platform and yet, only a small portion of them are successful?

Manage Program brings together all that your hospital needs for successful transition to the new program comprising of governance structure, business processes and change management framework, thus leading to an improved ROI.

Current State

How to monitor and track patient progress

Transition State

How to predict patient progress and align interventions

Future State

How to reduce readmissions and align better preventive care for patients

Leverage Services

Governance of Processes
and Practices

CarrotCube offers a plethora of services, including Knowledge & Education, Patient Outreach and IT Support, so your physicians and clinical teams can do what they do best – focus on your patients.

Services provided across different care settings to maintain continuum of care.

Polpulation health management services are supported by a complete set of digital services including voice enabled conversations, mobile outreach, remote patient monitoring and virtual visits

Get Insights

Healthcare data analytics
at your fingertip

Our accurate healthcare data analytics are derived by synthesis of data from various internal data sources, wearable tech, like the Apple Smartwatch.

Transforms raw data into meaningful actionable insights

Gives patients a chance to leverage these insights for healthier outcomes

Stratify Risk

Cohort Based Risk

CarrotCube empowers healthcare providers to create patient cohorts or groups based on health risks, trends and pattern

CarrotCube analyses data collected from connected devices

Helps in predicting and minimising unavoidable health events, future hospitalization and cost

Enabled by Salesforce

The coming together of Salesforce Health Cloud along with Hexaware, the creators of CarrotCube, is a game changer for the healthcare industry. As a population health and patient engagement platform, leveraging the Health Cloud, it offers 360° views of patients health profiles.

360° patient view and outcome
analysis against patient registries.

Augmented HealthIT with Program
management services.

Leverages seamless Omnichannel
patient engagement services.

Simple and transparent clinical,
financial, quality and performance

Maximize patient Engagement
with On demand care, Health
coaching and more.

Stratifies risk following a Cohort-
based approach for effective
prevention planning. Company