What if you could seamlessly switch between population health view and micro-level data on every patient?

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Are Patient Engagement Apps Pharma’s Answer to Delivering Better Experiences?

dateApr 2020
clock3 Minutes Read

Today, patient-centricity drives all healthcare-related engagements due to the paramount shift marked by the government, healthcare providers and payers from service/volume-based care to value-based care.

Why Empowered Patient Care with Empathy and Efficiency is not an option, but an urgent necessity

dateNov 2019
clock3 Minutes Read

Quality access to patient care is a global concern. A complex interplay of demographic, socioeconomic, and psychological factors have made the delivery of holistic patient care stressful, inconsistent and expensive.

How Automation is Revolutionizing Population Health Management

dateJun 2019
clock3 Minutes Read

Read this blog to know how Intelligent Automation is driving future ready Population Health Management programs in the healthcare industry

Five denominations of social determinants shaping population

dateFeb 2019
clock3 Minutes Read

Breaking down the social determinants of health (SDH) into their component parts can help providers in assessing their community challenges and help in implementing targeted initiatives...

Is Precision Medicine already here?

dateJan 2019
clock3 Minutes Read

Precision Medicine: Decoding the affiliation between Genomics and Medicine

A leading medical technology company implements Community Cloud for Customer self services

dateFeb 2019
clock3 Minutes Read

Our client is a medical technology company which primarily works on diagnostics, medical aesthetics, women’s health and well-being. Their core business focuses on using technology for improving...

Videos and Webinars

CarrotCube - Telemedicine services

CarrotCube - Telemedicine services

date April 2020
clock 1.23 Minutes Watch

COVID-19 is a pandemic of a scale that none of us have ever been witness to. The pandemic has swept across the globe in a matter of days, throwing us out of gear and causing loss of thousands of lives, and counting.

CarrotCube – Redefining Patient-Centered Engagement Platform

date Feb 2020
clock 1.58 Minutes Watch

Today there is a massive amount of health data that is flowing in from across various channels like EHRs, social media, customer service touchpoints, public domain data and personal health devices- just to name a few.

Integrated Population Health Management Platform

CarrotCube - Hexaware’s integrated Population Health...

date July 2018
clock 4.51 Minutes Watch

Hexaware’s CarrotCube is an integrated population health management platform enabled with omni-channel patient...

Comprehensive Health and chronic
care management platform

date Oct 2018
clock 2.24 Minutes Watch

Watch how Carrotcube’s Chronic care management platform performs plethora of population health functions, including giving..

Why CarrotCube is the most
comprehensive population...

date Feb 2018
clock 2.33 Minutes Watch

Watch how Hexaware’s CarrotCube helps providers manage their populations, reduce readmission rates and operational...

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is pushing the boundaries in care management

date Feb 2018
clock 1 Minutes Watch

CarrotCube has simple voice skills to record symptoms by the patient and immediately notify the patients care manager and create urgent tasks if needed via AI bots.


COVID-19 - Containment and Mitigation Strategies


COVID-19 - Containment and Mitigation Strategies

Read this whitepaper to know how you can strengthen social distancing measures with telemedicine and, better manage the challenges posed by COVID-19 to both healthcare systems as well as human existence.

Digital Transformation in Population Health Management

CarrotCube – Transforming Population Health Management

CarrotCube by Hexaware is the first of its kind omni channel healthcare solution offering technology and analytics services.

Next-Gen Patient Engagement Platform

Press Release

Healthcare gets a booster dose with CarrotCube

Hexaware’s new patient engagement and provider health management application, built on Salesforce Health Cloud and integrated with a range of smart devices, to power next generation healthcare services

Customer Experience in Healthcare Industry


Hexaware releases 2018 CIO survey for the future of Customer experience in Healthcare industry

Delivering connected, hyper-personal, timely and collaborative care is of topmost priority to healthcare providers today. As discerning providers, have you leveraged social media, smartphone and digital to enhance patient experience and ensure patients are heard through the continuum of care?

Two Reasons the Right Patient Engagement Platform Is Critical


Two Reasons the Right Patient Engagement Platform Is Critical

Read this executive brief to know why it is so critical to choose the right Patient Engagement platform. CarrotCube helps Healthcare companies focus on patient experience to improve patient outcomes.