Privacy Policy

Hexaware Technologies Limited which expression shall mean and include all its wholly owned subsidiaries and group companies, hereinafter referred as ‘Hexaware’, takes utmost care and is committed to protect your privacy while you are using our website.

The Privacy policy pertains to this web site describes how your personal Data is treated. For purpose of this privacy policy,’ Personal Data’ is any data which relates to an individual who may be identified from that data or combination of set of data, and other information which is in possession of Hexaware.

Personal Data Collection and Process

We may collect your personal information such as your name, address and e-mail id that may be necessary to help us provide better customer service and we maintain the highest level of confidentiality of this information. If you happen to browse the Hexaware website, a designated Livechat team may reach out to you through our Livechat to support and improve your website navigation experience

Hexaware may also collect, track and monitor certain information through cookies or other technologies (Ex: web beacons) when a user visits our website. Please click here or refer to the section below for more details on the cookie policy. There may be circumstances in which you may prefer to register in our website for downloading documents like Whitepaper or receiving updates from Hexaware. In such cases, Hexaware may contact you to invite to special events and provide you information about our services. We may reach out to you via multiple channels, such as direct calling, emailing, social media to name a few.

Hexaware collects your Personally Identifiable Information through the use of forms for instance: for recruitment purposes. Hexaware may reach out to you based on the information you provide on public records, phone books, paid subscriptions, corporate directories and website.

Hexaware collects your Personally Identifiable Information through the use of forms for instance: for recruitment purposes. Hexaware may reach out to you based on the information you provide on public records, phone books, paid subscriptions, corporate directories and website.

To update registered information or resume that you have uploaded, you have to login again and resubmit your updated information.

We respect your privacy and, in the event, that you choose not to receive Marketing /Promotional mailers and Sharing of your personal data collected you may notify to the mail id given below and we will take all the steps to remove your personal data such as mail id, address from our database.

Please send your request to

We make use of your registered information for

  • Research and analysis purposes that help us to understand the person visiting our websites and better equipped to serve our clients’ need
  • To understand which part of our website visited and how frequently
  • To Identify you soon as you register on our website
  • To contact and respond to your questions
  • To contact and respond to your questions

Impact of not providing the Personal Information:

If you are not willing to provide your Personal Data which is mandatory to process your service request, then we may not be able to fulfill the corresponding service request and associated processes.

Data Retention:

Personal Information will not be retained beyond the necessary period to fulfil the purpose outlined in the privacy policy. In certain special circumstances such as Legal requirements /Legitimate business purposes, personal data will be retained as per the requirements.

Referenced Websites/Social media portals

You may wish to participate in various events that are hosted by Hexaware in social media platforms. The main purpose of these hosting is to facilitate and allow the participants to share contents. Since Hexaware is not having any control on social media servers, third-party websites, Hexaware is not responsible for security of the contents placed by you in those media.

Hexaware understands the importance of protecting children’s privacy. Our websites are not intentionally designed to collect information of children.

Legal basis of the processing

When we process your personal data, we do so with your consent and/or as necessary to provide the website you use, operate our business, meet our contractual and legal obligations, protect the security of our systems and our customers, or Fulfill other legitimate interests of Hexaware as described in this privacy Policy.

This applies in any case where we offer services to you such as

  1. User registration (if you don’t provide we will not be able to offer this service)
  2. To identify once you register on our website
  3. To contact you and respond to your questions
  4. To provide better usability, trouble shooting and maintenance

Data Recipients, Transfer and disclosure of Personal Data

Hexaware does not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes, without seeking your prior permission, for any reason beyond the purpose for which it was collected.

Hexaware may disclose your Information with

  • Research and analysis purposes that help us to understand the person visiting our websites and better equipped to serve our clients’ need
  • Hexaware or with any of its group subsidiaries
  • Business Allies
  • Authorized Vendors/Suppliers/Third party agents
  • Contractors

In general, Hexaware Technologies limited domiciled in Mumbai, is the data controller processing your Personal Data. The following are applicable only when the data controller processing your personal information is domiciled in the EEA (European Economic Area)

We transfer Personal Data to countries outside the EEA to third parties, including to the countries which have different data protection standards to those which apply in the EEA. Our service providers process your Personal Data in countries deemed adequate by the European commission, we rely on the European commission decision to protect your Personal Data.

In order to Transfer the personal data to Hexaware group companies and service providers, Hexaware uses the Standard Contractual clauses or rely on a service provider’s Privacy shield certification or a service provider’s (EU data protection authority approved) corporate rules that are in place to protect your Personal Data. When required Hexaware discloses personal information to Legal and regulatory bodies or pursuant to a judicial order for compliance.

Cookie Policy

We at Hexaware understand how important your privacy is to you. We are committed to protect any personally identifiable information that is shared with us and have put in place mechanisms to improve transparency in how this data is collected, stored and used. This Cookie policy details how cookies are collected, where they are stored and why they are processed, when you visit our website or use our application. It is to be noted that this cookie policy should be understood in conjunction with our Privacy Policy ( ).

What are Cookies and other Tracking Technologies?

An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Other tracking technologies include web beacons, clear gifs, etc. that work in a similar fashion to the same effect. These cookies and tracking technologies allow our website to recognize you and give you a personalized web experience based on your preferences from your past activity on our website or mobile application.

What are these Cookies and Tracking Technologies used for?

Hexaware uses Cookies to improve your experience on our website, by tracking your activity on the site to identify your preferences and interests. The cookies are also used for general web administration and for analysis of statistical usage and preference patterns on our website and application. Hexaware has also partnered with third-party service providers, who use “3P cookies” to enhance your experience on our website. These service providers also help us analyze the usage and browsing patterns on our website to further align our website to user needs.

Technical Purpose:

These constitute session cookies, that is cookies that are temporarily stored during your session and are deleted automatically the moment the browser is closed. These cookies help our website track and recollect any past action of yours within the current browsing session and keep our website secure.

Analysis of Website Use and Utilization:

These include permanent and third-party cookies as described above. These cookies are placed on our website to help us analyze how much web traffic is coming to each page, what are the most and least visited sections, etc. These give us insights into how our website is performing and what needs to be changed to enhance user experience. Third-party cookies used for analysis to gauge site use include – Google Analytics, LiveChat, Act-on, etc.

Web Personalization:

These include third party cookies that are placed on our website. Their primary purpose is to collect data about your past activity, preferences and interests to personalize what you view on our website on your next visit. Data Processing Agreements have been signed with all third-parties, to protect this cookie information and prevent misuse. The third-party cookies that are placed on our website for personalization include those of Evergage, social media partners, etc.

How can I withdraw my Cookie Consent?

Cookies can be dropped from your device by changing your browser settings. There are options to block or specific Cookies or be notified when a cookie is being placed on your device. You also have the option, under settings of your browser, to delete the cookies placed in your device at any time. Your cookie information for personalization will only be tracked if you agree to the footer note asking for your consent to our cookie policy.

This site contains links to other sites. Hexaware is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.

Data Security

Hexaware adopts reasonable and appropriate security procedures and practices including administrative, physical, technological controls to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alternation or destruction.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the content of this site, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Name: Amrinder Singh


Updates to this Privacy Policy

Hexaware may change the Data privacy practices and update this policy statement as and when based on the need, and the same will be made available on the website.