COVID-19 Containment and Mitigation Strategies

Enabling Social Distancing with Telemedicine & Telehealth Services


With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic and affecting more than 200 countries leading to deaths of thousands, global healthcare systems are facing a challenge like none other. With the number of infected patients rising exponentially, healthcare facilities are spread too thin. Hospitals have run out of beds and waiting rooms, demand for medicines far outstrips supply, healthcare professionals are worked to exhaustion and even world-class healthcare infrastructure like that of Italy’s has collapsed.

It is in the light of this unprecedented crisis that the need for telemedicine and remote patient engagement has become very evident.

Some immediate steps taken to tackle the pandemic-

  • Broadening access to telemedicine in Medicare by the Trump administration
  • Urging people to access telehealth and telemedicine services to curb the burden on hospitals
  • Mandatory social isolation

Read this whitepaper to know how you can strengthen social distancing measures with telemedicine and, better manage the challenges posed by COVID-19 to both healthcare systems as well as human existence.

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