Patient Registry

Access data to create impactful interventions

Patient Registry - 360° View of Patient Profile

A key aspect of providing effective healthcare is to go beyond clinical and financial data to get a 360° understanding of the patient profile. The ability to capture cross discipline, structured and unstructured data from a spectrum of sources in a secure, structured registry, results in an easily-accessible, harmonized and cleansed information system which is focused on patients.

CarrotCube’s Patient Registry aggregates data from across the continuum of care and outside hospital walls. It builds cohorts of data for analysis.

The modular architecture of the interface holds granular data in a way that metrics surfaced in the visualization layer always allow drill down, often to the order level. The drill-down functionality can often point to the “why” behind a piece of data, which allows physicians and other clinicians to implement appropriate interventions to improve the metric.

Richer data mining helps categorize patient populations into high-risk, low-risk, and the ever-important rising-risk groups. This is critical to the success of any population health management initiative.

Cloud-based delivery enables sharing of large volumes of confidential data via a secure and compliant environment

Efficient data management tools on Patient Registry ensure data quality and transparency.

Flexible solution allows for data enrichment as patient needs evolve. It is easier to integrate data visualization for daily users.