Manage Care

In a Seamless Healthcare Ecosystem

Care Management Suite

Care providers, patients and families are continuously on the lookout for integrated care management services. CarrotCube’s Care Management Suite is an innovative, comprehensive and patient-centric solution. It delivers full care management capabilities across the entire continuum of care, automated clinical pathways, and care management services. This leads to enhanced revenue growth, higher efficiency, improved affordability and quality of care.

The Care Management suite is built with a host of features to empower all stakeholders. The program promotes collaborative care planning and real-time care coordination involving the patient, family and care team to enhance outcomes and create a seamless healthcare ecosystem.

Care providers can assesses patient’s needs and then create care plans. It leads to ease of coordination and monitoring services to ensure smooth, effective care and recovery. Manage Care empowers patients to make better health and lifestyle choices. This helps improve their health, reduce risk of complications and exacerbations and lower medical costs.Care managers are able to make informed healthcare decisions and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. As a simple, smart and intuitive suite, Manage Care is completely automated. Yet, it can be personalized to multiple communication modes.

The solution integrates clinical intelligence with clinical content to guide virtually every step of the decision making process, starting from the point of care. It promotes early interventions, self-management, compliance with treatment plans, creates awareness, support and referrals.