CarrotCube – Redefining Patient-Centered Engagement Platform

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Today there is a massive amount of health data that is flowing in from across various channels like EHRs, social media, customer service touchpoints, public domain data and personal health devices- just to name a few. Healthcare and Life Sciences companies need to find meaning in this chaos, and must extract meaningful patient information that will help them create highly contextual and personalized experiences to patients.

CarrotCube, our patient engagement solution built on Salesforce Health Cloud, unifies data across disparate channels, delivering a real-time, 360-degree patient view. This helps drive evidence-based care and enables omnichannel patient engagement.

Top features:

  • Mobile-ready HIPAA compliant platform
  • Access to real-time health data, ensuring timely interventions
  • Alexa-enabled, voice commands can update portal directly
  • Prompts medication adherence
  • Virtual chat assistance enabling remote care
  • Compatible with personal heath devices, like Apple Watch
  • Easily integrates with existing business patient IT platforms to achieve unified view

To know more about CarrotCube and its powerful features, watch the video right away.